Cat N’ Mouse Brewery



Cat N’ Mouse Brewery is a fictitious brand identity with the sole intention to include all genders within the target psychographic of IPA’s or pale ale. as it is found that much of the audience who fit within the psychographics of the product are women who decide against the drink to due its main audience that is focused on is men.

The logo is inspired by a suffragette leaflet that was created during their time of striking to subtly aim towards the acts and effects that the suffragettes had on feminism. the 4 bottles designs depict 4 women of history who have had a large effect but are also different from each other to show the variety and ability for this concept to include everyone. the 4 women chosen for this representation are Frida Kahlo, Mary Shelley, Sojourner Truth and Emmeline Pankhurst. Each representing a range of concepts and subjects while all being quite different to each other personally as they range from location to life events. The designs are focused on both the person and its flavour, being surrounded with colours associated with the flavours but being integrated with famous quotes by the person and the simplistic depiction of the women's characteristics.

The purpose of this brief was in response to finding that such a small portion of women to men drink IPA and through research found that many causes is the design and identity that is associated with such products. Not only this, but in group discussions with the target audience, it was found that the way that the flavour is represented has a large effect on the response of the audience.

Many products were created within this project such as bottle labels, caps, coasters, beer tap clips, stickers and t-shirts in the bid to recreate a consistent IPA brand. While most of the products created have been made for brand consistency within its identity, the bottles and coasters are the main focus as they best represent the intention behind the brand. what is interesting within the brief is the process of creating a product that stands out while being in an industry where each piece of packaging within the industry has specifically been created to be unique, creating an over-saturated market.